Who is Rezaul Karim?

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Rezaul karim

Digital Marketing Expert

Rezaul Karim is certified & acknowledged digital marketing strategist with over 7+ years of industry expertise.

Rezaul has done Bachelor Of Science Degree and MBA in Marketing from Hajee Mohammad Danesh Science and Technology University (HSTU). He helps businesses formulate, execute and streamline data-driven and growth-focused digital marketing strategies. Whether you are a business just starting up or have been in operation for years and looking to expand and scale up to the next level, his expertise will take you there.

Does Rezaul work alone or have a team?

A great story does not have just one character. So is it. There’s a team behind RoofersLead, LLC. That he nurtures every day. About 7 years ago, Rezaul Karim start working as a freelancer on Fiverr and Upwork. Worked over the years to make it self-reliant and Google’s one of the few Premier Partners agencies. A few years ago, he took the exit so that he could give time to his personal brand – RooferLead, LLC. Today, the team has 10+ passionate minds and it’s going great. Here, he is selective in choosing the clients that he likes to work with. It allows him to offer personal attention to his respected clients. You can connect directly with him and discuss the challenges and pain points and USPs your business has. He will share insights, and formulate and implement strategies accordingly. It makes the mutual bond and business relationships more rewarding.

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My mission is to dedicate our time and energy to grow your business through innovative strategies that implement successful Return On Investment.

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